General meeting 2018

General meeting 2018 – Air-Handling Technology meets digital start-ups
Start-ups as creative driving force. Save the Date 08. May 2018 - General Assembly of the Air-Handling-Technology Association in new format.
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Christine Montigny
Christine Montigny
Technical Manager Air Pollution Control
+49 (69) 6603 1860
+49 (69) 6603 2860
Katrin Diepold
Katrin Diepold
Assistant Air Pollution Control
+49 (69) 6603 1859
+49 (69) 6603 2859
Description of the Air Pollution Control Department
The department of Air Pollution Control is comprised of around 100 companies that manufacture extraction systems and devices for a wide range of user sectors, particularly occupational health and safety and environmental protection. The industrial sector of ventilation and dust removal technology is constantly developing innovative technical solutions that make it easier to meet the legal requirements.
Smoke Extraction Policy Paper
This paper describes the various requirements for smoke extraction and measures for rescuing oneself and others, as well as for extinguishing the fire and protecting property.