Smoke Extraction working group

Working group Entrauchung (Smoke Extraction)
The Smoke Extraction working group brings together all experts in the field of smoke extraction and fire protection under the umbrella of the VDMA and gathers information on the significance of mechanical smoke and heat extraction systems for fast smoke extraction in the case of fire, from the point of view of protecting persons.
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Christine Montigny
Christine Montigny
Technical Manager of sector department Air Pollution Control
+49 (69) 6603 1860
+49 (69) 6603 2860
Katrin Diepold
Katrin Diepold
Assistant of sector department Air Pollution Control
+49 (69) 6603 1859
+49 (69) 6603 2859
Information Sheet No. 3 - “Smoke extraction from rooms in case of fire”
Required times for escape, rescue, extinguishing. For how long do escape and rescue routes need to be kept as free as possible from smoke in case of fire?